Beyond EPS Advisors focuses of three core areas of practice: Planning and Forecasting, Cost Management, and Performance Management. Within those domains, we have a full complement of resources to assist companies in the design, development, and deployment of comprehensive planning, cost management and performance management transformation solutions.


Our approach focuses on the combination of our deep industry and functional skills with our clients' company knowledge to implement innovative and sustainable change.

Our Approach


Our Services

Our approach is centered on the concept of business drivers.  We the understanding of business drivers are critical for our clients’ success.


Driver-based costing associates the causal relationship among the costs and activities through the use of economic and operational drivers. With extensive experience cost analysis and innovative solutions, we analyze products, services and customer relationships to evaluate their specific contribution to the bottom-line.


In our planning and forecasting practice, we follow the 12 Beyond Budgeting principles in helping our clients prepare for an increasingly volatile and uncertain future. We concentrate our efforts with clients in analyzing and modeling drivers that have the greatest impact on the future profits of the company.


In a similar fashion, our profitability dashboards focus on the measurement and reporting of those critical drivers to enable better decision-making.


Strategic Decision Support

- Strategic planning

- Strategic performance metrics

- New product introduction

- Acquisition analysis

Advanced Planning

- Driver-based planning

- Rolling forecast

- Beyond Budgeting assessment and implementation

- Work force planning

- Dynamic resource allocation

- Scenario planning

Profitability and Pricing

- Product/Service profitability

- Customer/Channel profitability

- Market segment analysis

- Shared services charge-back

- Product pricing

Cost Analysis

- Driver-based costing

- Process based costing

- Target costing

- Life cycle management

- Operational/strategic cost reduction

Operational Improvement

- Business process transformation

- Program leadership/change management

- Shared services implementation

- Systems selection

- Cross-functional business integration/merger integration.

- Capacity management

- Constraint analysis

How we work


Our philosophy of working with clients is anchored on four key principles:


Collaboration – Tangible performance improvement requires a combination of skills working collaboratively toward consistent, well-communicated objectives. The diverse talent from the Beyond EPS network and from within the client organization an create the perfect collaborative environment.


Objectivity – Experience shows that the presenting problem is often just a symptom of a hidden, root-cause issue. Our approach is systemic in nature, with assessment work designed to identify the levers that will have the greatest positive, long-term impact our client’s specific situation. 


Applied Learning – Our clients’ resources are included as an integral part of the project team. Our explicit goal is to transfer knowledge and techniques to our clients to ensure long-term success and self-sufficiency.  This approach leads to more pragmatic solutions and combines a professional development experience with business improvement.


Flexibility -- Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop project arrangements from "advisory only" to full project management and staffing.